Happy Birthday To Em Gades!


Being a character would be a miserable life, methinks. You’re constantly having the worst of the worst happen to you, your own author is trying to break you as much as possible, and your best friends are dying all around you. (Or you’re dying, as being a side character increases those chances by 31.29838%.) However, the lovely thing about being a character is that you can be sixteen two years ago, seventeen last year, and sixteen again this year because your author is going back and editing– all while being only two years old, because your name wasn’t written on paper until two years ago.

All that to say– Em Renee Gades turns… 18? Maybe? Two?

And as celebration, I ask you to enjoy these lovely pictures from her Pinterest Board.


Disney Character Blog Tag


If any of you have known me personally for any amount of time, you will know that Disney is something I hold near and dear to my heart. Thus, the most obvious way to celebrate my love of Disney is to make a blog tag– I am a writer, after all.

Rules for the Tag:

  1. Link back to the tag’s creator
  2. Link back to the person who tagged you
  3. Pick 10-12 of your favorite Disney Characters
  4. Chose which of your cast of characters (whether from your current or a former WIP) reminds you of those princesses and tell us why.
  5. Tag 4-7 other people
  6. (Optional) Use the graphic I created for the tag

For my characters, I’m going to use the canon Disney princesses– that is, the ones from the official lineup. Let’s begin!

Snow White– I think Cia is the most similar of all of my characters to Snow. Both are hardworking and somewhat fearful, being aware of what the world has to offer but not wanting to embrace it.

Cinderella– To be honest, Cinderella is my least favorite princess. (Probably because when I was little, the five princesses I was aware of were Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, and the two Mom and Dad wouldn’t let me watch because they showed their bellies. I later found out that it wasn’t the midriff-showing that my parents were opposed to– rather, the blatant parental disobedience portrayed in the films.) Anyways, to me it was always a competition of which princess was the best, and as Aurora wore a pink dress and Belle liked books, Cindy fell to the back. All that to say, one of my favorite characters, Nathaniel, resembles Cinderella the most. They are both loyal and hardworking, caring for everyone. They know when to submit to authority and when to stand against it.

Aurora– As the princess that speaks the least in the very movie named after her, Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) would have to remind me most of Michael (I have officially decided to keep that name for him, FYI.) Michael is quiet and smart, emotionally driven and passionate, though he keeps most of those feelings inside.

Ariel– Both Vera and Ariel are incredibly curious and want to find out more about worlds that they aren’t allowed into. (Vera even sneaks into an official Alliance event at one point, with that being part of her reason.) Sometimes they’ll go through less than scrupulous means to get what they want, but they are both innovative and eccentric.

Belle– Defiantly Laurel (or Flame, depending on which draft you’ve read.) They’re both bookish, a bit dreamy, and are incredibly kind. I could totally see Laurel falling in love with a beast.

Jasmine– Jasmine is kind but with an incredibly rebellious streak. Personally, I like Jasmine from the live action Aladdin better. Overall, I think Jasmine reminds me the most of Em Gades. They’re both stubborn, and can submit to authority as easily as they can rebel against it.

Pocahontas– I’ve always viewed Pocahontas as a very graceful character. She’s very composed, and can take the lead when she desires. With her personality and intelligence, she would remind me of Angelica Leigh. (A character who comes in later in the Reflections series.)

Mulan– While Mulan’s sense of humor doesn’t match Flinn’s, the risk-taking-for-someone-they-love aspect certainly does. They both also share the longing for adventure as well. And I’m sure that Flinn would be perfectly happy with a small, sassy red dragon sticking around to joke with.

Tiana– Tiana is incredibly hardworking and down to earth. While none of the princesses are cut out in a way to be incredibly sarcastic, Tiana’s ability to actually joke around, coupled with her determination, would make her the most like Nina out of my cast of characters.

Rapunzel– Choi would probably be my most Rapunzel-like character. He’s bubbly and outgoing, and rather naïve about the world and how it works. Like Rapunzel, he’s excited to see what life has to offer him, and he believes everyone is his friend.

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