Happy Birthday To Em Gades!


Being a character would be a miserable life, methinks. You’re constantly having the worst of the worst happen to you, your own author is trying to break you as much as possible, and your best friends are dying all around you. (Or you’re dying, as being a side character increases those chances by 31.29838%.) However, the lovely thing about being a character is that you can be sixteen two years ago, seventeen last year, and sixteen again this year because your author is going back and editing– all while being only two years old, because your name wasn’t written on paper until two years ago.

All that to say– Em Renee Gades turns… 18? Maybe? Two?

And as celebration, I ask you to enjoy these lovely pictures from her Pinterest Board.


Happy Birthday to a Character!


Your favorite crazy author is back, y’all. (Okay I’m probably not your favorite. I’m not even my favorite. My favorite crazy author is probably Nadine Brandes. She’s amazing and writes fabulous books.)

Anyways, all that to say, one of my characters, a character who has gone through so many name changes I’m not even sure which one he’s going by at this point, is having a birthday today! So happy birthday Jackson/Mitchel/Michael Leviathan! (I’m like 35% sure I forgot one of his aliases but, y’know, it’s okay.) Unfortunately, because he only lives inside my head and on the paper, he doesn’t actually age. Also he’s born about 900 years from now, give or take, so his great-great-grandmother probably hasn’t even come into this world yet. All that to say, happy birthday to a beloved character who some of my lovely beta readers have abnormal amounts of fondness to. (TBH, he’s not in my top 3 favorites. But he’s still great. :P)

And as a birthday celebration, I shall present some of his aesthetics from his Pinterest board. (I take no credit for any of this stuff. Everything is from the wonderful creators who made it.)

Also, yes, I did forget my favorite two characters’ birthdays (Flinn’s being August 29 and Nina’s being October 17.)

And yes, you didn’t ask for any of those aesthetic photos but, y’know, it’s a party and what says party better than trauma and PTSD aesthetics for a mostly innocent character?