Short post, fun updates, and book trailers

  1. The Reflections is available for preorder. If you buy the bundle, you’ll receive all kinds of cool stuff– namely, bookmarks and stickers. If you’d like to preorder, you can do so right here.
  2. The Reflections Book Trailer releases this evening. I’ve had a ton of fun putting this together, and can’t wait for y’all to see it. If you like it, please comment/share it. It’s going to be a great way to reach people who find book recs. through Youtube.

Blog tour/cover reveal signups


I’ve tried five different times to embed this link in the page, but it’s not letting me.

Anyways, if you are interested in signing up for The Reflections Blog tour or Cover reveal, please follow the link below to sign up.

All of you guys are amazing, and thank you for following this page even though it’s not often active. 🙂

Free Christian Dystopian Book?


Okay so that title is a touch clickbait-y but also mostly true. The Reflections is a YA Christian Dystopian releasing April 8th. Advanced Reader Copy signups are available here. I only have 10 copies to send out because of my budget, but if you have 300 or more followers on any social platform, you might be able to get a copy.

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Signed Copies Available!


Have you always wanted your very own signed copy of The House That Didn’t End?

of course you have.

Well, now it’s super easy!

All you have to do is fill out this form and Venmo me $11 here, and your copy (plus a free limited-edition bookmark) will show up on your doorstep in a few weeks!

US residents only. If you’re in another country and want a signed copy, DM me and we can discuss shipping costs.

I was on a podcast!


First time being interviewed for a podcast… honestly that’s pretty cool, in my opinion. It was a fairly neat experience. I was sent a zoom link… the day before, I think? I can’t really remember, it feels like a lot has happened since then. Anyways, I got the zoom link and then got on the call while my whole family was out of the house. Introduced myself to the host. Talked for a bit before he said we would start recording. We talked about stuff and then were done. I always thought podcasts would take longer to record or we’d have to do multiple takes, but no, it was actually fairly fast. If you want to listen to it you can below.

Reader Survey


So the amazing Grace A. Johnson is helping me with marketing and strategy for my next books, so if any of you amazing humans would be willing to fill out this form to help both her and me… and eventually you, because I’m trying to cater to your needs as readers. 🙂 Thanks, y’all are amazing!

Nominate Characters from The House That Didn’t End for THE SILMARIL AWARDS!


The Silmaril awards are open, and if you’ve read THTDE and liked any of the characters, I’d appreciate the nomination of my characters. 🙂

good morning, cyberspace! Friends. Foes. Creatures of the deep. We have entered the throes of September, and within it, the Silmaril Awards are once again upon us. I announced in last week’s post that I was once again accepted as a Silmaril Awards host this year, and GUYS. I am so insanely blessed to be […]

THE SILMARIL AWARDS, 2021: Nominations Are Now OPEN! — Smudged Thoughts

BOOK LAUNCH: The House That Didn’t End!


Here it is, folks! The House That Didn’t End is out for the world to see. I’m so insanely excited, and it’s been such a blessing to work with the cover designer and editor who helped make my book possible. I will certainly be writing a full post about the publishing process soon, but I’ve been so busy writing guest posts, plugging through school, and working part-time, I kind of forgot until just now that I was supposed to write my own blog post. 🙂


Nothing, not even the creepy house in the woods, can dissuade Ly O’Dare from finishing this scavenger hunt. Where else can a broke seventeen-year-old get enough money to finance her art endeavors and start a business?

Even being snowed in with a sarcastic stranger isn’t too bad, and as long as he is helping her find the hidden staircase, she’ll tolerate his quips. Jackson Evergreen’s quest was something he had been preparing for his entire life. And now he’s finally at the end of it, so close to saving the world when he gets snowed in with a bubbly blonde named Ly. The house is more dangerous than either of them prepared for, though, and Jackson’s suddenly thrust into a situation he didn’t intend to get in and is falling for a girl he only just met.

One thing they know for sure, however, in this house, nothing is what it seems.

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AUTHOR BIO:To find an E. K. Seaver, you must set a trap. The best option is to lure her in using chocolate, blankets, and a typewriter, but if none of those are on hand, spare books and Broadway music can be easily substituted.
She prefers to be wild and free, though. Whether it includes adventuring through the Rocky Mountains or curled up at a local bookshop, she uses he

r freedom to produce art. From books to scarves to paintings, Ms. Seaver strives to honor her King in every aspect of her creative works. She desires her stories to hold a meaning beyond the tale and attempts to follow in the footsteps of storytellers who came before her. You can find her and her wild adventures at or on Instagram 

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