Incorrect Quotes


I was inspired recently by one of my friends to find incorrect quotes using ScatterPatter’s generator (Warning: some of the quotes in the generator have language– I’ve changed any of the language for this blog post)

These aren’t from my book or anything. They’re just funny quotes that I thought fit my characters. (or didn’t fit and I still found funny)

Flame: English is a difficult language. It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.
Em: You need to stop.

Flinn: Anything, honestly, but feisty brunettes especially
Nathaniel, desperately, as Flinn bleeds out: YOUR BLOOD TYPE
Flinn: Oh! B positive.

Vera: Where’s Em, Choi, and Flinn?
Michael: They’re playing hide and seek.
Vera: Where?
Michael: I don’t think you get how this game works.

Nina: Rules are made to be broken.
Em: They were made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken.
Flinn: Uh, piñatas.
Choi: Glow sticks.
Michael: Karate boards.
Nathaniel: Spaghetti when you have a small pot.
Nina: Rules.

Em: In light of what you did for me, you can hug me for four to five seconds.
Em: No! Four to five seconds!
Choi: Too late!!!

Nina: Nothing in life is free.
Flinn: Love is free!
Choi: Adventure is free.
Em: Knowledge is free.
Justyn: Everything is free if you take it without paying.

Flinn: You can de-escalate any situation by simply saying, ‘Are we about to kiss?’
Flinn: Doesn’t work for getting out of speeding tickets, by the way.

Em: Dumbest scar stories, go!
Nina: I burned my tongue once drinking tea.
Flame: I dropped a hair dryer on my leg once and burned it.
Flinn: I have a piece of graphite in my leg for accidentally stabbing myself with a pencil in the first grade.
Chio: I was taking a cup of noodles out of the microwave and spilled it on my hand and I got a really bad burn.
Michael: I have emotional scars.

Choi: Posts a super low-quality image to the group chat
Em: If I had a dollar for every pixel in this image, I’d have 15 cents
Choi: If I had a dollar for every ounce of rage I felt in my body after I read this text, I would have enough money to buy a cannon to fire at you
Michael: Actually I did the math, Em would have $225, not $0.15.
Em: Fam I’m right here….
Vera: If I had a dollar I would buy a can of soda 🙂
Choi: while you’re there could you buy me an apply juice please?
Vera: Sorry I only have a dollar
Choi: 😦
Michael: Hey I just realized my friend is right, Em would have $22,500 because it’s a dollar for every pixel, not a cent
Vera: If I had $22,500 I would buy a can of soda and an apply juice
Michael: You can buy anything you want with $22,500
Rani: Yeah and they want soda and apply juice
Michael: Apply juice to what
Nina: Directly to the forehead
Em: Great chat everyone

Em: Can I be frank with you guys?
Nina: Sure, but I don’t see how changing your name is gonna help.
Flame: Can I still be Flame?
Vera: Shh, let Frank speak.

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While You Wait


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And while you wait, I have these lovely collages of Lysithea (Ly) O’Dare, Jackson Evergreen, and Hecate to share with you.

My Ships I’m in Love With


For someone who claims to hate romance and has never been in a relationship in her life, I write an awful lot of love-related subplots.

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks. All credit on these photos to pinterest and their creators.

Please send chocolate.

Karis and Cole (The Storyguard Chronicles)

Yes I’m aware who these characters are supposed to be. Don’t argue with me about whether you agree with the ship of those canon characters or not. They just look kinda like my characters.

These two will never see the light of day, but they’re awfully adorable. Cole is brash and foolhardy-verging-on-stupid, and Karis is rational to the point of being irrationally fearful. They end up balancing each other out very well, going on adventures together, and growing up and growing closer. (They start out as thirteen in the first book and end up seventeen in the never-written final book.

They were also my first official “ship,” so even though you’ll probably never see them (unless they magically appear in some other story) they hold a special place in my heart.

Em and Flinn (The Reflections)

Imagine them just a few years younger and in dystopian rather than Renaissance clothes, and you’ll have a perfect image of Em and Flinn. They are a cute, playful couple, with Em being pretty innocent– yet stubborn– and Flinn being much more of a man of the world and…. well, a flirt. 😉

They will hopefully be a couple you’ll get to see within the next few years. 🙂 (Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter for updates about the Reflections.)

Saveh and Leo (THFTWT)

These two are some of the smartest characters I’ve written, and they are drawn to each other’s intellect. Saveh’s an incredibly organized little Slytherin, and Leo’s a Ravendor who knows four languages and will debate you on… literally anything.

and he’ll probably win.

Their book (That’s How Fast the World is Turning) Is currently on hold as I work on some other projects, but I do want to come back to them at some point.)

Adelaide and Alex (The Unnamed Time Travel Story)

You don’t know much about these two, but when a broken ex-assassin and a time-traveller fall in love, it’s chaotic and beautiful and wonderfully messy.

This book has been on hold for a while, but I’d love to write it again at some point. I really loved the characters

Celeste and LA (Secret Project 😉 )

Yes, I know who these characters are. Personality-wise, Celeste and LA don’t have a toxic relationship that…eheh… blows up in the end.

Celeste and LA probably are my favorite relationship besides Em and Flinn. I haven’t actually gotten to writing their relationship yet, as the book is progressing rather slowly, but what I’ve plotted out makes me smile. A lot. LA is also extra fun because he’s Puerto Rican and comes with a giant, fun-loving family. Oh, and this book is set pretty close to where I live, so that’s always a plus.

And there you have it folks– a majority of my “canon” ships. There are a couple left out for spoiler reasons and such, but that covers most of them. What do you think about those ships? What are your favorite book-ish ships?

Also, tip for authors trying to find “ship” photos for your characters– Use characters that look like your own characters (E.g. Hermione ) and then look up fanart of those characters with another character from that world (E.g. Draco.)

The House That Didn’t End: Aesthetics


For clarification:

Jackson is the handsome dark-haired boy. I simply couldn’t find any pictures that looked like him and included glasses.

Ly is the light-haired, innocent looking girl.

Hecate (Jackson’s cousin) is the dark-haired girl/woman. (She’s about 25, but her kind is ageless looking and practically immortal.)

Happy Birthday To Em Gades!


Being a character would be a miserable life, methinks. You’re constantly having the worst of the worst happen to you, your own author is trying to break you as much as possible, and your best friends are dying all around you. (Or you’re dying, as being a side character increases those chances by 31.29838%.) However, the lovely thing about being a character is that you can be sixteen two years ago, seventeen last year, and sixteen again this year because your author is going back and editing– all while being only two years old, because your name wasn’t written on paper until two years ago.

All that to say– Em Renee Gades turns… 18? Maybe? Two?

And as celebration, I ask you to enjoy these lovely pictures from her Pinterest Board.

Character Profile: Nathaniel Schuyler


Full name: Nathaniel Austin Schuyler

Age: Seventeen at the beginning of the series, eighteen by the end.

Birthday: May 3

Born in: Fourth Region of the Alliance

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite food: Anything but carrots, apples, and peanuts. (because allergies.)

Likes: Being kind, following the rules, being safe, hugs, helping people

Dislikes: Too many people, being unsure, conflict, leading.

Nathaniel is a sweet INFJ 9w1. He learns to stand up in the face of conflict throughout the book and not back down under pressure. Unlike most of my characters, Nathaniel is a Christian, and through some more rewriting/edits I plan to make his faith more evident and relevant in the story.

Opening/Closing Lines

“What’s that? A band?”


[everything else is under rewrite.]

Disney Character Blog Tag


If any of you have known me personally for any amount of time, you will know that Disney is something I hold near and dear to my heart. Thus, the most obvious way to celebrate my love of Disney is to make a blog tag– I am a writer, after all.

Rules for the Tag:

  1. Link back to the tag’s creator
  2. Link back to the person who tagged you
  3. Pick 10-12 of your favorite Disney Characters
  4. Chose which of your cast of characters (whether from your current or a former WIP) reminds you of those princesses and tell us why.
  5. Tag 4-7 other people
  6. (Optional) Use the graphic I created for the tag

For my characters, I’m going to use the canon Disney princesses– that is, the ones from the official lineup. Let’s begin!

Snow White– I think Cia is the most similar of all of my characters to Snow. Both are hardworking and somewhat fearful, being aware of what the world has to offer but not wanting to embrace it.

Cinderella– To be honest, Cinderella is my least favorite princess. (Probably because when I was little, the five princesses I was aware of were Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, and the two Mom and Dad wouldn’t let me watch because they showed their bellies. I later found out that it wasn’t the midriff-showing that my parents were opposed to– rather, the blatant parental disobedience portrayed in the films.) Anyways, to me it was always a competition of which princess was the best, and as Aurora wore a pink dress and Belle liked books, Cindy fell to the back. All that to say, one of my favorite characters, Nathaniel, resembles Cinderella the most. They are both loyal and hardworking, caring for everyone. They know when to submit to authority and when to stand against it.

Aurora– As the princess that speaks the least in the very movie named after her, Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) would have to remind me most of Michael (I have officially decided to keep that name for him, FYI.) Michael is quiet and smart, emotionally driven and passionate, though he keeps most of those feelings inside.

Ariel– Both Vera and Ariel are incredibly curious and want to find out more about worlds that they aren’t allowed into. (Vera even sneaks into an official Alliance event at one point, with that being part of her reason.) Sometimes they’ll go through less than scrupulous means to get what they want, but they are both innovative and eccentric.

Belle– Defiantly Laurel (or Flame, depending on which draft you’ve read.) They’re both bookish, a bit dreamy, and are incredibly kind. I could totally see Laurel falling in love with a beast.

Jasmine– Jasmine is kind but with an incredibly rebellious streak. Personally, I like Jasmine from the live action Aladdin better. Overall, I think Jasmine reminds me the most of Em Gades. They’re both stubborn, and can submit to authority as easily as they can rebel against it.

Pocahontas– I’ve always viewed Pocahontas as a very graceful character. She’s very composed, and can take the lead when she desires. With her personality and intelligence, she would remind me of Angelica Leigh. (A character who comes in later in the Reflections series.)

Mulan– While Mulan’s sense of humor doesn’t match Flinn’s, the risk-taking-for-someone-they-love aspect certainly does. They both also share the longing for adventure as well. And I’m sure that Flinn would be perfectly happy with a small, sassy red dragon sticking around to joke with.

Tiana– Tiana is incredibly hardworking and down to earth. While none of the princesses are cut out in a way to be incredibly sarcastic, Tiana’s ability to actually joke around, coupled with her determination, would make her the most like Nina out of my cast of characters.

Rapunzel– Choi would probably be my most Rapunzel-like character. He’s bubbly and outgoing, and rather naïve about the world and how it works. Like Rapunzel, he’s excited to see what life has to offer him, and he believes everyone is his friend.

And I tag:




Angela R. Watts


And you!

Character Profile: Vera Knight


Vera is one of my favorite characters– she’s one who doesn’t get a ton of screen time, but she’s a fun character that I have put lots of thought into.

Full name: Vera Winters Knight

Age: Sixteen

Birthday: June 29

Born in: Third Region of the Alliance

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite food: Fancy, high-end food that she can get when sneaking into Alliance parties

Likes: Being smart, making things, puns, being alone, breaking the rules, outsmarting people, joking around, being dramatic, saying “anywhosie.”

Dislikes: Too many people, being forced to do something, oppressive rulers, blood.

Vera is a sweet, brilliant, and somewhat chaotic child. She’s an ISTP 7w6, and loves creating things. Throughout the Reflections’ events, she sneaks in her own weapons, creates weapons out of things she finds, and just does whatever she finds interesting in the moment. She’s likable and everyone gets along well with her.

Opening/Closing Lines

“I’m Vera, but you can call me V. You excited about the ball tonight?”

“I’ll be fine.”

[everything else is under rewrite.]


Happy Birthday to a Character!


Your favorite crazy author is back, y’all. (Okay I’m probably not your favorite. I’m not even my favorite. My favorite crazy author is probably Nadine Brandes. She’s amazing and writes fabulous books.)

Anyways, all that to say, one of my characters, a character who has gone through so many name changes I’m not even sure which one he’s going by at this point, is having a birthday today! So happy birthday Jackson/Mitchel/Michael Leviathan! (I’m like 35% sure I forgot one of his aliases but, y’know, it’s okay.) Unfortunately, because he only lives inside my head and on the paper, he doesn’t actually age. Also he’s born about 900 years from now, give or take, so his great-great-grandmother probably hasn’t even come into this world yet. All that to say, happy birthday to a beloved character who some of my lovely beta readers have abnormal amounts of fondness to. (TBH, he’s not in my top 3 favorites. But he’s still great. :P)

And as a birthday celebration, I shall present some of his aesthetics from his Pinterest board. (I take no credit for any of this stuff. Everything is from the wonderful creators who made it.)

Also, yes, I did forget my favorite two characters’ birthdays (Flinn’s being August 29 and Nina’s being October 17.)

And yes, you didn’t ask for any of those aesthetic photos but, y’know, it’s a party and what says party better than trauma and PTSD aesthetics for a mostly innocent character?



I interrupt the regularly scheduled post for music. Because wouldn’t we all rather listening to music than reading E’s rants about writing?

Okay, so the formatting is a little wonky, because apparently this theme isn’t perfect for adding Spotify playlists, but here we are anyways. I’ll explain the songs a bit after the music. (Possible language warning for some of the songs.)
Oh, one thing. I’m pretty terrible at song congruence, so these songs don’t fit in a wonderful melodious pattern. It has more to do with the lyrics/meanings and how that fits with the character than with the playlist itself. I apologize in advance to the people who hate listening to badly ordered playlists.

The first song is “The Hanging Tree/Come Little Children.” This song very much reminded me of the Reflections–both because the series of events in the book have been compared to the Hunger Games (Fun fact: I haven’t actually read The Hunger Games), but also because “Come Little Children” is such a haunting melody that starts out seeming really pretty but gets creepier as you listen to the words.

2-13 are characters in the series. I’m not going to tell you who is who because [SPOILERS], but I will let you know that the songs are based off the order that the characters are introduced. (By name– So Nathaniel’s song isn’t in the list until he’s introduced as “Nathaniel” and Em can stop mentally calling him “The Silent Boy.”)

“The Parting Glass” is just a beautiful song, and with the amount of goodbyes that have to be said through the series, the song fits.

“Battlefield” is a song that fits well for the Manumission– the rebel organization that some characters get tangled up in throughout the series. It’s also fitting for The Rebellion, the final book of the trilogy.

“Start a War” honestly works for nearly anyone in the series at any point in time.

And that’s all I have, folks. Again, sorry for the wonky formatting– both of the post and the order of the music.

Do you have playlists for your characters? How do you find songs that fit them well?