I’m breaking the hiatus for a hot second to celebrate the release of Angela R. Watts’s new book, Golgotha! It’s releasing tomorrow, and I’m super excited to be a part of the blog tour and release. Without further ado, here’s a post by Ms. Watts’s about how you can support your favorite indie authors!

Independently published authors have incredible stories to offer. So, how can you show your support? Here’s a list of easy, and fun, ways to support your favorite Indie authors!

Review their Books!

Amazon is the BEST place to review Indie books. You can also review the books on Goodreads, Kobo, and so forth, but I highly recommend Amazon is your first stop!

This step is HUGE and so, so useful for authors! If you enjoyed a book, be sure to leave a review!

Word of Mouth!

Did you enjoy an Indie novel? Share about it! Post it online, tag some friends, let your circle of the universe know how cool that book was! Word of mouth goes a long way in the book world.

Follow the Author!

Follow your favorite Indie authors online! Your support and engagement helps us produce content and beat algorithms. And kind comments put smiles on our faces!

Fan Mail!

Do you like drawing? Authors love fanart of their characters! Do you like photography? Sharing a picture of your Indie book(s) and tagging the author(s) in the love is amazing! You can also email your favorite Indie authors and tell them how much a book meant to you!

Request Books at your Library!

You can donate copies of books to your libraries OR request the books through the library, too! This helps authors reach even more readers. Don’t forget to take a picture of your favorite Indie book on a library shelf and share it online, authors love seeing their books in the wild and will send you all the virtual cookies!

There are probably more ways to support Indie authors, but this is a basic, super easy list to get you started. Supporting Indie artists is fun and is greatly appreciated. We love giving you content. When readers return the love it is even better!


Four unlikely companions must band together to escape the Realm of Bones and save their kingdom from a reign of darkness.

Prince Moray will lead his empire to glory, even if it means dabbling with forbidden black magic. But when their parents are murdered, Moray and his brother, Finnigan, are cast into Golgotha—a realm where hope is dead. Finnigan fiercely believes his god, Elohai, will rescue them, but Moray will never trust again.

Princess Ama, promised in marriage to Moray to ensure her clan’s safety from rival tribes, arrives just before a coup and becomes trapped in Golgotha with the smart-mouthed mercenary, Gunnar. Surrounded by strange monsters and ravenous demons, Ama must fight to hold on to her faith—or lose everything.

Despite Ama’s Gift of prophetic dreams, Finnigan’s Gift of energy, Moray’s magic, and Gunnar’s blades, nothing can rescue them from themselves. If they fail to escape, darkness will devour the entire kingdom.

Shadow and Bone meets Mark of the Raven in this epic for fans of faith-based young adult fantasy.


Angela is the bestselling author of The Infidel Books. She lives at Step By Step Sanctuary, Tennessee, where she raises horses, dogs, cats, and snails. She’s been writing stories since she was little, and when she’s not writing, she’s probably drawing or working with her amazing clients.







One winner will receive a signed paperback copy of GOLGOTHA, along with character art prints, a bookmark, and a GOLGOTHA map. You can enter here!

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