Sunshine Blogger Award


Very rarely do I consider myself a “sunny” person. My aesthetics would be far more likely to include cloudy days and hot chai tea than blue skies and lemonade. However, Maya apparently believed that I was qualified to receive an award such as this. So supposedly I am to answer questions. I shall answer them to the best of my ability.

If your name wasn’t what it is, what would you want it to be?

I answered a question like this on a different blog of mine, but I believe that the name “Ember” would be one of my top choices. It both has to do with the name meaning and the fact that I just like it. 

What do you think of social media?

Social media can be useful but also harmful. While promotion for books and other materials is a helpful aspect, social media can also prove to be a waste of time. I’m not fully sure if you’re referring to more one-on-one personal things like email and Hangouts, but I would far prefer those over Instagram or Facebook.

What is your favorite Marvel movie, and why? (If you haven’t seen any, then explain why you haven’t and if you want to someday.)

Endgame. Endgame by far. While sobbing in public isn’t one of my favorite hobbies, Endgame was totally worth it. I am looking forward to the Black Widow movie supposedly coming this spring, though.

What is your favorite spice?

Chocolate’s not a spice, right? Yeah. That’s what I thought. Not cinnamon. I do enjoy nutmeg. What I do not like is when people include spices in my hot chocolate. That makes things quite problematic.

Do you appreciate being tagged to do awards/tags?

How to phrase this? I appreciate the sentiment. I appreciate that you thought to tag me. I will gladly do tags, but this is supposed to be my “author” site more than a fun site, so if anyone cares to tag me again I’d rather it be done at my less-professional blog, Growing Into Friends.

Why do you blog?

This blog is mostly for my author site, and updates on how my writing is going. You will also occasionally receive a sarcastic comment here and there. My reason for my other blog can be found on my other blog.

What is the best vacation you have ever been on (include at least one picture, if possible)?

It’s a secret, but I promise that it was absolutely amazing and you wish you could have been there.

[Create the question you want to answer, and answer it here.] Your characters are often in desperate situations. Why?

Tension, plot, and a million other technical reasons. However, the biggest reason is because hopeless seeming situations happen. You can’t help that. Still, even in the hopeless situations there is always some level of hope. As a Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ is working everything out for the good of those who trust in Him. He loves me, and he wants what’s best for me. I guess I try to incorporate that into my novels. In the book of Esther, God’s name is never mentioned. I don’t mention His name in my books either (at least the ones I’ve written so far), but I try to still point my stories back to the Great Story.

What is your favorite Andrew Peterson song, and why (the why is important)? (If you haven’t listened to his music, just say “His Heart Beats.” It’s probably your favorite. Or start listening and pick one that catches your attention.)

Dancing in the Minefields or World Traveler

What is your favorite personality test, and what is your personality according to it?

This question. Okay. Myers-Briggs is my prefered categorizer. No personality test is going to be completely accurate. No, not even 16personalities or all the other ones that have great reviews. You have to study for yourself what the cognitive functions are. I was typed as an INTJ or ENTJ (I’m certainly not an extrovert) for years. However, when one of my friends told me that I was wrong and I started learning about it for myself, I realized that I am not either of those. 

I am an ISTJ. Also, for you enneagram people, I’m an 8. (And I happen to be pretty stereotypical versions of both.)

If you had $100 to spend on anything you liked, what would you buy?

Nothing. I’d invest it until I had something I’d want to spend it on.

Due to the fact that I’d prefer no more tags via this site, I’m not going to tag anyone. If you would like to be tagged, then feel free to steal this one.